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On Tue, 31 Aug 1999 18:51:57 -0500, "Damian Yerrick"
<die DOT spammers AT pineight DOT 8m DOT com> wrote:

>Killo <surf4546 AT clubi DOT ie> wrote:
>> Whenever I make an .exe file using RHIDE it always creates
>> the program in the c:\djgpp\bin folder. How can I configure
>> RHIDE to output into a specified folder?
>Look at the menubar. Choose Options > main targetname
>Type the path and filename of the target.
>Press F9. Your program will be rebuilt in the new location.
>Damian Yerrick
>P.S. Killo, do you mind if I use your name as the name of
>one of the characters in my PC role-playing game?
No Problem

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