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Orlando Vazquez <ovazquez AT sprint DOT ca> wrote in message
news:37CCB34C DOT B987AA6C AT sprint DOT ca...
> Hi I am a pretty good C/++ programmer and I have
> been using DJGPP for a while now. I was playing
> carmageddon and I would like to start into 3D programs.
> Are there any places I can go to learn to program 3D
> programs? just doing a search for 3D blows me away,
> too much information. I'm talking brain-dead
> newbie material :-)

Want me to post my Wolfenstein engine source? I still have
to clean up the code, but I'll do it if you ask me to.

> Mind you I'm posting this here and not in a 3D programming
> group because I would like to do it in DJGPP.
> Orlando Vazquez

I assume you'll need the Allegro library for your graphics
and sound drivers. Get it at the DJGPP site

Damian Yerrick

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