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Subject: Help please: problem making allegro
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Grettings, I get an error when making allegro from within the allegro
directory. I just downloaded all the latest files from the delorie web
site, so I pretty sure I have the latest stuff.
My system: Win NT, 64M, PPro200

I get the following error message:

gcc -s -o examples/ex5.exe obj/djgpp/ex5.o lib/djgpp/liballeg.a
gcc -I. -Isrc -Iobj/djgpp -Wall -Wno-unused -m486 -O3 -ffast-math
ointer -o obj/djgpp/ex6.o -c examples/ex6.c
gcc -s -o examples/ex6.exe obj/djgpp/ex6.o lib/djgpp/liballeg.a
Load error: no DOS memory
make.exe: *** [examples/ex6.exe] Error 1

It seems the build went pretty far before dying, I sat here and watched
it for 4-5 minutes, and only finally died when building the 6th example
file. . . Are these the last source files to be built??  I could care
less about the examples, and if I need them will just build them myself.

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