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OK. I've written a web page explaining the obscurities of setting up RSXNTDJ
1.5 properly. I have tested the steps I have written twice, so I think they
are pretty accurate. Also, I've written a guide to all the examples that
come with RSXNTDJ and provide fixes where they are needed.

I'm just waiting on a list of library names from Rainer, so I can fix them.
If anyone knows which library names are truncated, and what they should be,
please tell me so I can get the page up quicker.

Also, if there is anything on the page that doesn't make sense please email
me and I'll do my best to correct/rewrite it. I hope it is understanble.

It should be up within the next couple days (when I finish the library
names) at (note: this doesn't work now as I haven't
reserved the url).


Johan Venter
ICQ 3643877

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