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Paweł Stołowski <yogin AT polbox DOT com> wrote in message
news:vEWy3.12299$Qh1 DOT 171844 AT news DOT tpnet DOT pl...
> I'd like to move from Dos-programming to Windows. So the question is: What
> are the available Windows-extensions for DJGPP? Which are the best? Where
> can I download them? I tried RSXNTDJ 1.3 once, but it was distributed with
> separate gcc and other binaries, so that it had to overwrite the
> dos-binaries (and the Dos version is always the newest one, so I don't
> to do that).

RSXNTDJ 1.5 doesn't do this anymore, although it has a lot of problems
setting up. I've written a web page to explain how to set it up properly
(over the course of the last 2 days), and it will be up within the next
couple days. It will be located at if I can get it. Please
be patient with me.

Johan Venter
ICQ 3643877

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