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On Tue, 31 Aug 1999 18:47:55 -0500, "Damian Yerrick"
<die DOT spammers AT pineight DOT 8m DOT com> wrote:

<advert snipped>

>Phone entertainment advertisements are not welcome on
>Please limit your posts to MS-DOS programming topics.

Do you *REALLY* think the spammers are going to monitor all
the newsgroups they spam to, Damian? Please, do us all a
favour, and just delete the spam. Posting follow-ups only
means we get to see the same crap again, and it won't
influence the spammers one tiny bit, they'll never know
about your post. If you want to try and do something about
the spammers, learn to unravel the headers and complain to
their ISP's abuse department, if you can work out which ISP
they use - but posting flames does nothing worthwhile.


(cross-posted as per the original in the hope that others
besides Damian might understand why you shouldn't follow up
to spam).

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