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Robert MacNeil <fubar AT ns DOT sympatico DOT ca> wrote:
> dear programmers..
> me and a creative friend have decided to write a program... a game. I
> started programming with qbasic and am now into c and c++. I am beggining

Cool. Another convert. (That's my term for former Microsoft
QBasic programmers who have joined the DJGPP faith.)

> use your djgpp and it seems great but i cannot compile anything !! does
> mean that i have to compile all the files on my own ?!?!
> like
> gcc -c cfile1.c
> in dos ?

You don't need to. If you have ever used Borland C++ (like I did
before DJGPP), then there's something that will make DJGPP
feel all too familiar: RHIDE. RHIDE is an integrated development
environment for DJGPP that feels enough like Borland's to make
you feel right at home.

And if you're doing graphics and/or sound, you might want
the Allegro library by Shawn Hargreaves et al.

Get RHIDE and Allegro at the DJGPP page

> also is there anyway i could get some source code ?

Full source code to the popular puzzle game DOSArena(TM)
is available at

Damian Yerrick

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