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there was a small program which can attach the icon(s) to a Dos-Program.
And yes, it is a Windows code. Which is attached to the end of your Dos-Exe.
Windows can detect the Icons.

I have searched for this Program, but I think it is not there because SimTel
had many changes since the last 4 years...

Oh yes, this Program was working in Win3x.

I had a mirror from SinTel (msdos and Win3x) but my WinSuck NT had destruckt 
my entired FTP-Server (deleted on the fly = was a bug in NT).


At 17:48 31.08.1999 GMT, you wrote
--------> This was the original Message:
MK>> > > Yes it is possible. But icons are Windows features,
MK>> > > not supported by DOS. DJGPP is a DOS complier.
MK>> >     I've seen programs that ran in real dos, and had imbedded icons
MK>> > windows would display (scorched earth).
MK>Christian von Schultz wrote:
MK>> I didn't know that.
MK>> Can you tell me how?
MK>    I don't know how, if I had to GUESS:
MK>Win32/Win16 programs, when run from real DOS would either say "This program
MK>requires windows" or some older ones would load windows.  So they have some
MK>sort of stub that checks to see if Windows is loaded and does something
MK>different in each case.  So, what Scorched Earth probably did was:
MK>The executable was probably a Win16 executable with the proper icon
table, but
MK>in both cases (if windows is loaded or not) it would run a DOS
executable that
MK>was embedded inside the Win16 executable.
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