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Michelle Konzack <starone AT cybercable DOT fr> wrote:

> but the parallel port version of IOMEGA-ZIP-Drive does not
> work with all Mainboards. in most cases 386 and 486.

The same ZipPlus (SCSI/parallel) that I bought for my
Macintosh worked on my 486 IBM PS/ValuePoint and
my Pentium II Acer TravelMate.

To sum up the thread so far:
Iomega makes excellent drives that connect to any PC
with a parallel or USB port (you may need to download
the drivers from to install on your CD-
less PC); carry the driver disk with you when you go.

If your machine doesn't have USB, get the parallel Zip.
Or get Zip Plus, which works on SCSI and parallel, in case
you have old Macs in the room too.

A Zip drive is cheaper than the burner you'd need to save
an installation onto a CD.

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