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Actually, the stub doesn't get executed if Windows is running.

Note that Windows 95 seems to give programs an icon with the same name
if one exists, eg:

if scorch.exe and scorch.ico exist in the same directory, Win95 will
use scorch.ico as the icon for scorch.exe (or perhaps it will just use
it for the assosciated "shortcut" (pif file) which Win95 *always*
creates when you run a DOS prog from explorer)


>    I don't know how, if I had to GUESS:
>Win32/Win16 programs, when run from real DOS would either say "This program
>requires windows" or some older ones would load windows.  So they have some
>sort of stub that checks to see if Windows is loaded and does something
>different in each case.  So, what Scorched Earth probably did was:
>The executable was probably a Win16 executable with the proper icon table, but
>in both cases (if windows is loaded or not) it would run a DOS executable that
>was embedded inside the Win16 executable.

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