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Subject: Re: using joystick with Allegro for djgpp
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> Randy Granger wrote
> >Not sure where to ask this, thought I'd give this group a try.
> >I'm using djgpp 2.01 and the Allegro library 3.1
> >I've made a game that uses joystick input, and the game can go for
> >several minutes without the need of the keyboard/mouse.
> >This causes a problem if the user is running windows and has a screen
> >saver on.
> >There is no input, so the screen saver starts, and the game becomes
> >non-responsive after that.
> >
> >Is there a way I can stop a screen saver from being activated while a
> >user is using the joystick?
Paweł Stołowski <yogin AT polbox DOT com> wrote:
> There is a simple workaround of this problem: go to the properties of your
> dos-application and make sure, that the check-box "allow screen saver" (or
> something like this - I use Polish Windows) is unchecked. It should work.
> You may include
> your .pif file with the game.
> I know: this is not perfect...

Damian Yerrick ( wrote:

But wouldn't including a PIF (in Win 9x they're called Shortcut to MS-DOS
Program or something) hardcode the path to the program, so that the user can
only unzip the program to one path?

Anyone know how to make a PIF from a DJGPP program? I want my installer to
put a shortcut to my program in the Start Menu.

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