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John S. Fine <johnfine AT erols DOT com> wrote in message
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>   I ran the install under NT and just now under Win95.  It doesn't
> crash.  I select the tseng driver and it says it is installed.
> But I can't see any result.  Config.sys isn't changed.  Autoexec.bat
> isn't changed.  djgpp.env isn't changed.  If I have actually installed
> anything, what is it?  where is it?  and how do I use it?

It places a file called vbeaf.drv in the root of your C: drive. You don't
really have to do anything special to use it. When an Allegro program asks
you to choose a video driver, select vbe/af. Allegro programs that attempt
to autodetect what graphics driver to use will by default try to use vbe/af

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