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Subject: Re: A few questions about djgpp,rhide and c.
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thanks for the responses,here's what i get so far.

Krogg wrote:
> I am new to c,not new to programming,but i know about
> as much about c as a monkey with greasy fingers knows
> about shaving a lions nuts with a straight razor.(sorry :P)

Damian Yerrick wrote:
> > Cool, a new convert from BASIC! Welcome to
> > the real world

Ya,I have used Powerbasic for a while and it is
great,but the current version PB3.5 is only
a 16 bit compiler.I payed $150.00 for it
2 years ago,had a ton of fun with it.I have
heard a lot of great things about djgpp and
allegro and since i want to move on to 32 bit
programs from 16 bit ones and to VESA from VGA
and lots of other issues,i am moving on to c
through djgpp...But Powerbasic _is_ pretty
cool,ya can slap out stuff really quick with
> ------------------------------------
> 1.)how can i get rhide to make the .exe files go to a
> specfic directory like:
> c:\djgpp\projects\  ?

> can i make rhide do this?how?

Ok,its been suggested that i use a shortcut
to rhide with the working directory bieng
the location that i want the exe's to go.
or run rhide from the command prompt while
in that dir.

> ----------------------------
> 2.i save all my settings to a .gpr file with rhide,but
> i want to make these settings default for when i load
> do i do that?

Ok  "rhide.gpr" in the same dir as the working dir,got that 
part,but there are still issues that come up even then.
Its mainly a pain in the butt to open a little file
edit it a little and hit f9.But untill a IDE that is
nice to "non projects",i guess i will have to get used to

> -----------------------------
> 3.I am new to c so this stuff is overwhelming me
>   a little,but i did make a hello world program:

>   void clrscr(void);

Ok,i am reading tutors and stuff but some leave out
a lot of things along the way,but this one:

DID tell me about prototypes...I got it,and now it works

> my next step is to make it wait till a key is pressed
> and then clear the screen and print something else..but
> i will learn that on my own...

well,i did a lot of other stuff playing with printf()
for fun,but i am goin to experiment with strings
and arrays b4 i get into getch() and stuff....

> -------------------------------
> 4. where's the darn faq for this ng...?

well,i know about that...i ment the 
"posting rules,and avoiding flames from this
particular usnet group,and other conventions
for comp.os.msdos.djgpp" kinda FAQ...

> ---------------------------------
> 5. any pointers for learning c from scratch.


ya,i know,I will get learned one day.
> --------------------------------
> I am great fullfor anyones help and hope
> i didnt ask to many questions at once....

Ya i did enjoy the responses and email.Ya'll
is real nice folks i reckon.

Damian Yerrick wrote:

> A sig like this doesn't show up properly in the
> proportional font used in Micr0$oft's news client.
Well,i figure that a nicely formated piece of
c code looks like crap in a proportional font
too...dont it?

And that file:// bug probably dont help either.

I see that hardly anyone here has a sig at all...
Maybe i should make one of those obfuscated c
sigs or something.

Be Cool,


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