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Subject: Re: Can I "alias" gxx with g++ in DOS/DJGPP?
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Endlisnis wrote:
> >     Shouldn't it be possible to change the LFN for gxx.exe to
> > g++.exe?  What I mean is that the 8.3 filename can be set to
> > 'gxx.exe' and the other to 'g++.exe'.
> I've searched and searched, but I couldn't find any way of pulling out
> such a trick.  Windows doesn't give you any way of telling it just
> what the short 8+3 alias should be.  When you rename a file with an
> LFN-aware rename function, Windows recomputes and changes the short
> alias as well.  And if you rename the short alias (with a non-LFN
> rename function), the long name is nuked (more accurately, the short
> name is copied to the long one).
> If anybody finds a way to do this, please be sure to post here.  It
> will allow to solve several annoying problems that currently have no
> solutions.

    I got some bad news.  I found that Norton DiskEdit (W95 version) can do
this, but Win98 (and probably 95) silently kills any LFN's that don't 'look'
right.  I tried changing the LFN for "gpp.exe" to "g++.exe" and the change
worked.  But when i started Win98 again (because the edit can only be done in
REAL dos), it silently deleted that LFN entry in the directory.  So even if a
free utility like this was made, it wouldn't be usefull.

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