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To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com, Krogg <krogg AT gtcom DOT net>
Subject: Re: A few questions about djgpp,rhide and c.
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Krogg wrote:

> 1.)how can i get rhide to make the .exe files go to a
> specfic directory like:
> c:\djgpp\projects\  ?

Just start RHIDE in this directory. RHIDE creates (by default) the .o and the
output (.a or .exe) in the current directory. I guess you are using a W9x short
cut, so set the working directory to c:/djgpp/projects/
Usually I never use "direct access" short cuts, just change directories (using
Volkov Commander) and run RHIDE in the directory where the project is located.

> 2.i save all my settings to a .gpr file with rhide,but
> i want to make these settings default for when i load
> do i do that?

Is in the help, anyways: save it to rhide.gpr in the same directory where
rhide.exe is located.
Warning: you'll need to use projects or choose Project|close or some options
will be grayed.

> 3.I am new to c so this stuff is overwhelming me
>   a little,but i did make a hello world program:
>   I read a few cryptic tutorials and picked up
>   some basic ideas and after a buttload of forgetting
>   the "{" thingies and ";" thingies and other stuff
>   i finnaly ended up with this....:
> ==============
> #include <stdio.h>
> #include <conio.h>
> int x=0;
> int y=0;
>   main()
> {
>   void clrscr(void);

^^^^^^^^ that's the declaration of the prototype, not a function invocation, use

> 4. where's the darn faq for this ng...?

In the same place where you downloaded the compiler.

> 5. any pointers for learning c from scratch.

Be patient, expend time on it ;-))


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