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Prashant TR <prashant_news AT yahoo DOT com> wrote in message
news:19990831085423 DOT 14296 DOT rocketmail AT web1405 DOT mail DOT yahoo DOT com...
> Hello DJGPP Gurus,
>   I'm writing a hardware diagnostics with many of the modules in DJGPP.
> The system information modules have everything but lack multiprocessor
> support. Can someone tell me where I can find some really excellent
> information about multiprocessors and APICs so that I could add
> multiprocessor support ? Could someone suggest some improvements please
> ? And where can I get DJP, the DJGPP executable compressor ?

I don't know about multiprocessor, but I do know
where to get an executable packer.
I used it to compress the binaries in the popular puzzle
game DOSArena. Wanna play? Come to my web page.

Anyway, it'd be nice if spawn*() supported multitasking
and/or multiprocessor, spawning the process in the
background. Or does it already?

Damian Yerrick

> The SYSINFO software are available at
> Thank you,
> Prashant TR
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