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Subject: Re: Linux Directory Tree Browsing
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That quesion would probably fit better into one of the Linux newsgroups or
comp.lang.c, but I'll give you an answer anyway....

There is no standard call do do this but it is not that difficult to write a simple
one which will do just what you wanted. K&R's book on C has the actual code to do it
(Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie's "The C Programming Language" that is).

There are other ways to do it too, one very ugly way is to do use system() or
similar, and this is highly recommended if you want people to laugh at your code.

Jared Stevens wrote:

> This is a bit off topic, but....
> Is there a way with the GCC compiler under linux to 'browse' the directory tree?
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> Jared Stevens

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