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Subject: ANNOUNCE: libwin 0.1.3
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libwin 0.1.3 Announcement

    libwin is a library of functions for DJGPP. The aim of the library is
to allow DJGPP programs to make better use of the Windows environment.
Thus, it includes clipboard access, user information, version information,
low-level device driver (VxD), DOS box and virtual machine titling and
registry functionality.

    Most of these functions will only work under Windows '95, but some
less complicated functions will work with Windows 3.x. Their status under
Windows '98 and Windows NT is unknown. It seems likely that they will work
under Windows '98, and unlikely under Windows NT (because of NT's poor
MS-DOS support).

    All that is required to use the functions is to include one file and
link a library. The functions are documented in man page format, and HTML
format (converted from the man pages).

    This version is a bugfix release. libwin should now work correctly
with C++ programs, because the header files have been fixed to work with
C++. If you do not use C++, there is no reason to upgrade.

    If you have any suggestions for the library, please mail me and I'll
see what I can do.


    Rich Dawe <richdawe AT bigfoot DOT com> 1999-07-17

Legal and Contact Details

libwin Copyright 1997-1999 by Richard Dawe
Portions Copyright (C) 1997-1998 by the RegDos Group

The libwin library is distributed under the GNU Library General Public
License (LGPL). The libwin demonstration programs are distributed under
the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Richard Dawe: <richdawe AT bigfoot DOT com>

RegDos Group: <alfons AT hoogervorst DOT demon DOT nl>

 Richard Dawe | richdawe AT bigfoot DOT com | 

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