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Subject: [Announce] SETEdit v0.4.29 available
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That's the announcement that I released the SET's editor v0.4.29:

What's SET's editor?

  Is the same editor you can find inside RHIDE but without the IDE itself,
as it's the last version have more features (and bugs?, I hope it have
less ;-), seriously, I killed a huge number of bugs most small but some very
  For the people that doesn't know about RHIDE:
  Is an editor specially designed for C/C++ programmers, but suitable to edit
any kind of text file.

Main features:
* Easy to use for DOS users because have a lot of CUA and Wordstar commands
used in the editors of other compilers.
* Full configurable keyboard.
* Full configurable menu (OS dependent features and macros in menues (new)).
* Advanced features: Rectangular blocks, intelligent indent, configurable
syntax highlight and more.
* Simple macro language, will be expanded only if the people is interested
and helps a bit (which starting to happend).
* PMacros for fast writing.
* Real macros.
* Documentation tool for libraries or large projects.
* Fonts, code pages, screen modes and palette customization.
* You can run make or grep from the editor collecting the errors/hints.
* Clock and screen saver.
* Linux version.

Why I could want to download it if RHIDE exists?

  The editor is the newest version v0.4.29 and have a lot of differences with
the one included in RHIDE 1.4 (v0.3.6). Attention! Robert released a new
beta of RHIDE (1.4.7) containing the editor v0.4.17.
  Here are some of the reasons you could have:

1) You like the editor and want to use it without needing to start the whole
IDE. The editor have a half of the size of RHIDE mainly because GDB isn't
inside of the editor. I use my editor to edit all the files I create ;-).
2) You are a RHIDE fanatic and want to test the new features or check if
some bug was killed. I specially recommend it for people that have problems
with the bugs in "Optimal fill" and for the ones who wants to see macros or
word wrap in RHIDE.
3) You are a djgpp fanatic and want to collect anything made with djgpp (I'm
one of these crazy mans ;-).
4) You don't like RHIDE at all, you think it sucks, but you think you can
help to make it a really good thing.

Note: Actually Robert is working to incorporate it to RHIDE. But so slowly

Ok, where can I get it?

(DOS/Linux sources/binaries are available from this page).


There are more small changes just take a look to change.log.

New [38 things]:

* Default global edition option, it complements the global options adding
settings that are dependent of the syntax highlight.
* User reserved words, configurable for each syntax highlight mode.
* An option to open a read only copy of the current file we are editing from
* New editor's command: cmcGoEndOfWord.
* A command to paste de Emacs mode associated with the current syntax
highlight and the tabsize as a comment at the start of the file. Suggested by
* Now InfView copies all the #include directives with Alt+I, not just the
first. Suggested by SpaZe.
* A new command cmeDeleteBkps to delete all the backup files memorized
by the editor so you don't need to exit with quit to do it.
* "Remmember bkps to delete" option. Useful for users of Alt+Q. It helps to
keep delete the backup files which are useful but annoying.
* Many things in the documentation.
* An option to the editor's general options. It works this way: when
enabled and if the user specifies at least one file name in the command line
all the windows already opened are closed. In this way only the files
specified in the commnad line are opened. Suggested by Ivan.
* cmcSelRectToUpper and cmcSelRectToLower, they convert a rectangular
selection to upper/lower case. Suggested by SpaZe/ST <stealth DOT tech AT seznam DOT cz>.
* a "pocket calculator", that's a simple calculator. From TV.
* New button to the file open dialogs, it brings the change dir dialog.
Added after some questions from Ivan.

+ Syntax Highlight related:
* Now the editor can detect the syntax of a file looking for #!path/name.
This line must be the first in the file. Suggested by Ivan.
* Detection for Perl scripts without .pl extension.
* Some very primitive syntax highlight for shell scripts.
* Added EmacsModes and ShellScript as shl commands. (to avoid confusion).
* Small enhancements to the batch files hl. Now more things are symbol.
* New syntax hl. option: "RelaxNumbersCheck", when enabled words that start
with a number aren't indicated as wrong. That's useful for batch files.
* Syntax highlight for PICs assembler (16C7x syntax) contributed by Diego
Brengi <brengi AT inti DOT gov DOT ar>.
* <noscript> and </noscript> to the html syntax hl. file. Suggested
by SpaZe/ST <stealth DOT tech AT seznam DOT cz>.
* SpecialSymbol and SpecialSymbolCont to the shl syntax. It allows to
define special symbols constructed by two symbols that combined have a
special meaning. That's very useful for $# in Perl and Bash scripts and @@
for Texinfo files.
* PartialKeywords to the shl file. That's used when keywords can be
embedded in other words and still valid, like this @AA is a keyword and
@AAxxxx is @AA keyword plus some text. In this mode the keywords search is
considerably slower. I added it after some mail exchange with Burton Radons
<loth AT cow-net DOT com>.
* String3 definition to the syntaxhl.shl files, that's propagated to
the rest of the lines.
* String2 is now propagated too, the old behavior is obtained with
a new command: ShortString.
* Syntax Highlight for Texinfo files. Contributed by Burton Radons
<loth AT cow-net DOT com>.
* Pseudo-macros for Clipper.

+ sLisp related:
* now adding integers to strings is possible (they get concatenated).
* new optional parameter to sLisp command WordUnderCursor.

+ Details
* Short-cut for the "RegEx Ops" button (O).
* A progress bar when loading a file greater than 1Mb.
* A blanker to the screen savers. Suggested by SpaZe/ST
<stealth DOT tech AT seznam DOT cz>.
* A test button to make a preview of the screen savers. Suggested by SpaZe.
* F3 label in the File|Open menu. Suggested by SpaZe.
* A warning when adding files that can't be expressed as relative in the
* More checks in the installer for NT.
* The "Wrap words" option can be set for all the windows from the
global options dialog. Suggested by SpaZe/ST.
* Now I'm forcing some redraws when "See tabs" is enabled and I kill
spaces at the end of a line. In this way the user can see how they disapear.
Suggested by Ivan.

Fixed [34 things]:

* Many details in the documentation.
* Now the editor windows disables all the commands when they are unselected.
You'll get a lot of gray options if you select a non-editor now. Same applies
to the main class and InfView.
* When redirecting the output of external files if the last line emitted by
the external program didn't have \n it was discarded. Reported by Endlisnis.
* Now project items are stored as relative names, not absolute. So you can
move projects from one disk to another.
* The (for SDG) used absoulte paths so was hard to use.
* The command to go to the end of file didn't compute tabs so if the
last line in the file had tabs the position wasn't the EOL. Reported by
SpaZe / ST <stealth DOT tech AT seznam DOT cz>.
* When unindenting a block and the cursor was in the previous line of
the first line of the block the editor included it in the selection.
* Now is possible to save the current file as UNIX/DOS. That's only
possible for this special case, not saving as other opened file.
Suggested by "Jeremy W. Murphy" <jwm AT amc DOT com DOT au>.
* Now the message that a rectangle can't be pasted outside the text is
reported by editorDialog.
* When pasting rectangles outside the text using the move operation
you could lose the original text. Reported by SpaZe/ST.
* A very old bug while using undo for rectangular selection operations.
I don't know if anothers remains but it was clear: the paste wasn't
initializing the member that indicates how many operations are grouped.
Reported by Alex Lozano and recently by SpaZe/ST <stealth DOT tech AT seznam DOT cz>.
* Now the "See Tabs" and "No inside tabs" options are stored in the desktop
* A bug when putting the PATH command in the autoexec.bat when the
installer couldn't find the PATH definition. Reported by Ivan.
* The Global editor options was failing to disable the "See Tabs" and
"Don't move inside tabs" options (I did a cut/paste and forgot to fix it ;-).
Reported by Diego Brengi <brengi AT inti DOT gov DOT ar>

+ Linux Only
* Now the editor looks for ~/tcedit.dst and ~/.tcedit.dst, not only
the last.
* Not restoring the attributes after saving a file. Reported by Dean Limbaugh
<edl AT ns1 DOT co DOT alachua DOT fl DOT us>.

+ DOS Only
* Problems if TMPDIR, TEMP, TMP, etc. were defined as "path\"
* Now the installer is can detect more cases of the PATH definition.
Reported by Ivan.

+ sLisp related:
* When asigning a macro to a key the editor doesn't draw the intermediate
steps, it avoid cleaning the status line. Reported by Endlisnis.
* The RunProgramRedir was returning a non ASCIIZ string. Reported by
* The name of the sLisp command WhichEditor (was WichEditor).

+ Syntax Highlight related:
* If a comment works only when in first column and is found in other
place the editor now pass it for the other checks (symbol, etc.).
* The '.' can be used inside names in assembler files.
* Now Perl and bash strings (3 types) are highlighted correctly.
* if two shl keywords were different just in the caseness(?) only
the first defined was taked. Example: @aa @AA. I was using a no case
sensitive collection to colect the keywords. Reported by Burton.
* Now the editor stores the name of the syntax highlight
instead of the number. Before it if you inserted a definition in the middle
of the shl file you surely created a mess.

+ Details
* G was used twice as short-cut in the Find Dialog. Reported by Jeremy W.
Murphy <jwm AT amc DOT com DOT au>.
* Now the mouse is hided when the screen saver is on. Reported by SpaZe.
* The name of the "global editor options", now is "general editor options"
Reported by SpaZe.
* The OK button in the dialog to select MP3 files now says "Select".
* An extra directory read when opening a File Dialog.
* Now double clicking adds the file to the MP3 list. (Reported by Ivan)
* Now the about box is coherent with the new slogan for the editor:
"A friendly text editor". I changed as a result of some suggestions from
Jose Lacal.
* Modified: Now if the installer didn't change the autoexec.bat won't suggest
rebooting ;-)

Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET). (Electronics Engineer)
Visit my home page: or
Alternative e-mail: set-soft AT usa DOT net set AT computer DOT org
                    set AT ieee DOT org set-soft AT bigfoot DOT com
Address: Curapaligue 2124, Caseros, 3 de Febrero
Buenos Aires, (1678), ARGENTINA Phone: +(5411) 4759 0013

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