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Subject: [Announce] InfView (info files viewer)
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Hi All:

  I'm releasing InfView v0.2.4:

* What's InfView?

  An info files viewer. Most of the FSF documentation is in this format.
  InfView can be used as a replacement for info (info-standalone from the
FSF's texinfo package).

* What advantage have over info?

  Much better user interface (windows, menues, mouse, dialogs, etc.)
  Can remmeber the files opened, position of windows, etc. across sessions.

* Isn't it the same stuff found in SETEdit and RHIDE?

  Yeap, but as an standalone program so:
  1) Is smaller.
  2) Starts faster.
  3) Have a command line compatible with info.
  4) Have all the commands available from the menu so the learning curve is
even better.

* I'm acustomed to info, do you think I can use InfView?

  Most probably yes, most commands are similar. Examples:
  1) "infview libc alpha print" will show the help for printf as you'll get
using "info libc alpha print".
  2) Ctrl+u, Ctrl+n, Ctrl+p, etc. will go to the upper, next, previous, etc.
nodes as you get pressing u, n, p, etc. in info (I use simple letters for
incremental search).

* What's the status of this release?

  Beta, just because is the first time I release the standalone version, but
InfView started in 1996 and was used for all the releases of RHIDE since Beta
5 (aprox. it was before 1.0) and all the releases of setedit. I'm think the
program is quite stable.

* Why v0.2.x, is it an incomplete program?

  Not compared with info or any info viewer, but yes compared with the info
viewer I think we could have if people joins efforts.

* Where can I get the program?

  I'll upload the DOS version to DJ's server (and hence simtelnet) in the

* Is that free?

  Of course, is GPL. Sources are available downloading the SETEdit sources
( and the last snap-shot patches (I
added the needed files and projects after releasing v0.4.29 of the editor).

Hope you like it, SET

Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET). (Electronics Engineer)
Visit my home page: or
Alternative e-mail: set-soft AT usa DOT net set AT computer DOT org
                    set AT ieee DOT org set-soft AT bigfoot DOT com
Address: Curapaligue 2124, Caseros, 3 de Febrero
Buenos Aires, (1678), ARGENTINA Phone: +(5411) 4759 0013

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