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Subject: Re: Problem with TVision Examples
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dtsw wrote:
> I recently downloaded the Turbo Vision DJGPP port ( and the
> gettext library (binary distribution).

Well, TVision version 1.0.7 is more recent. You can get a patch for 
upgrading from 1.0.6 from my site -

> I built the library without changing any source or the makefile. When
> the library was built I used the SACADEB.BAT file to strip the debug
> info from the library.
> The library built without any problems, but when I try to compile the
> examples using RHIDE (as the documentation says), it either says
> Invalid Project FIle or crashes with the following core dump

This is know problem if you're using RHIDE 1.4 - it cannot read these
project files, get latest beta (RHIDE 1.4.7) instead. (I still don't
know, why it's called "beta"? :))

> Also, if I write a small TVision source file and try to compile with
> 'gcc -o source.exe -lintl -lrhtv -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti'
> (as the docs mention to compile with -fno-rtti and -fno-exceptions) I
> get a whole slew of errors:

Maybe try 'gpp' instead of 'gcc', linking in standard C++ library should 

Laurynas Biveinis

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