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Subject: Re: __attribute__((unused)), gcc get's confused...?
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In article <379A22A6 DOT EDF69B49 AT unb DOT ca>,
  Endlisnis <s257m AT unb DOT ca> wrote:
> I'm having a problem with unused parameters.  This code:
> char **__crt0_glob_function (__attribute__((unused)) char * _argument)
> {return 0;}
> void   __crt0_load_environment_file(__attribute__((unused)) char

I am by far an expert on the use of the __attribute__ thingy, but I
know from experience that if I want to use the constructor/destructor
form, I have to do it on the function declaration, not definition (I
hope I got the terms right).

void MyProc( void ) __attribute__((constructor));
void MyProc( void )
  printf( "Help!\n" );

So try:

char **__crt0_glob_function (__attribute__((unused)) char * _argument);
char **__crt0_glob_function ( char *_argument ){return 0;}

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