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SCOTT19U.ZIP_GUY skrev i meddelelsen >>like making smaller versions of crt0
and libc (perhaps using tinycode from
>my scott16u.exe found in pointed to at my web
>page is only 63488 bytes long. But to get the executable size
>down one should use "strip" to get rid of useless parts of the

yes, offcause you should compile with the -s option, but what I wanted was
to make even smaller programs. Without debugging information the smallest
programs I can make is still around 20k after packing - which is because
libc and libgcc are linked onto the executable. If you are doing a 64kb into
you don't need things like I/O and such, and it would be nice to not have
support for such things in the final .exe

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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