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Subject: Re: DJGPP for compiling CGI programs?
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Ike wrote:
>     Can DJGPP be used for CGI programs?  I'm just starting with CGI
> and was getting errors trying to run them from the Hypermart server,
> and I was just wondering if it's a DJGPP problem,  is there any
I've had a similar problem, I've written a CGI in C with 'cgic' library
and it run pretty well on the command line, but don't seem to work
on my Web server (apache 1.3.2 win32).

In fact it seem that's an apache problem... Someone said me to upgrade
to 1.3.6.

By the way for bypassing this problem I simply wrote a batch file to
wrap the C program execution :

@echo off
REM callcgi.bat
REM This script is for calling an executable compiled with gcc (DJGPP)
REM as a cgi program.
REM Auteur: Sylvain VIART (viarts AT jsp DOT umontreal DOT ca)
REM Date: jeudi 08 juillet 1999
REM Last Modification : vendredi 09 juillet 1999, 16:15:16 Est (Heure
set error=0
if "%QUERY_STRING%" == "" set error=QUERY_STRING is empty no program to
if not %error% == 0 goto error
if exist %QUERY_STRING% goto exec
if exist %QUERY_STRING%%ext% goto exec
set ext=.exe
if exist %QUERY_STRING%%ext% goto exec
set ext=.bat
if exist %QUERY_STRING%%ext% goto exec
set error=%QUERY_STRING%.[exe/com/bat] not found
if not %error% == 0 goto error
goto fin

echo Content-type: text/plain
echo callcgi.bat
echo %error%


> command lines that I have to pass or anything else I need to do to
> compile CGI programs?  Just curious,  I'm trying to figure out what's
> wrong so I'm eliminating all the possibilities.
I don't know where the problem is, if you have an answer I'll be

Hope that helps,

Sylvain VIART - Computer scientist - Programmer analyst
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