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Subject: Re: __attribute__((unused)), gcc get's confused...?
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Martin Str|mberg wrote:

> Endlisnis (s257m AT unb DOT ca) wrote:
> : I'm having a problem with unused parameters.  This code:
> : char **__crt0_glob_function (__attribute__((unused)) char * _argument)
> : {return 0;}
> : void   __crt0_load_environment_file(__attribute__((unused)) char *_app_name)
> : {}
> :
> : Produces this output: when run through gxx with "-W -Wall" switches:
> : warning: `unused' attribute ignored
> : warning: `unused' attribute ignored
> :
> : Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong, or what I have to fix to make
> : gcc/gxx ignore an unused parameter?
> Why not take away "__attribute__((unused))"? Do you get any warnings
> then?

    Yes, I still get these warnings (because -Wunused is part of -W -Wall). warning: unused parameter `char * _argument' warning: unused parameter `char * _app_name'

    I'm starting to think this is a bug in DJGPP (I've tried somthing similar in
gcc for HP-UX and it worked as I expected).
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