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Subject: Setting DOS environment varible with C program and export it ?
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I'm writing CGI script in perl, and for debugging from command
line, under win95, I need to set some environment variable with
an equal sign inside its value. DOS seem to be unable to do such simple
thing. So I try to do it in C (DJGPP).

I use the standard function setenv() getenv(), but I can export what
is done during the program to the upper shell. Is there a way for doing
such thing ?

Currently, I've written a wrapper which set var and run the script
passed as argument or from a file...

What I want is to recreate a setenv command. So I just have to do :

setenv QUERY_STRING "pattern=HTML"

and the environment variable is updated (or created) to this new value.

Any idea ?
May be creating the var with batch file, and keeping modifications done
by the program...

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