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Subject: Re: ECGS/GCC 2.95 -- latest compiler
Date: 25 Jul 1999 08:08:56 GMT
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Steve Ball (steve AT effectivejava DOT com) wrote:
: I've just been looking at the ECGS site. Looks like there have been some
: great improvements made to the GCC compiler (particularly in the area of
: template behaviour). :-)
: Does anybody know if this version of the compiler and libraries will be
: ported for DJGPP and made available from the Simtel.NET sites?

I don't know which version it is, but look in v2gnu/egcs.

: I'm also confused about the naming. I thought the big merger between ECGS
: and GCC was meant to be called 3.0, but 2.95 seems to be the working name.
: Have I got things wrong?

Don't know.

Kokkonen, Sinfonia da camera,


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