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>     Can DJGPP be used for CGI programs?  I'm just starting with CGI and
> getting errors trying to run them from the Hypermart server, and I was
> wondering if it's a DJGPP problem,  is there any command lines that I have
> to pass or anything else I need to do to compile CGI programs?  Just
> curious,  I'm trying to figure out what's wrong so I'm eliminating all the
> possibilities.  Thanks!
>                 -Ike

Not for Windows based web pages. I think it has something to do with
redirection of stdout and such. I have tried using it with Savant and
Microsoft Personal Web Server. Neither worked.  However, if use LCC, an free
Windows based compiler, that will work just fine. Just give it the same
source code you would give DJGPP and it should work just fine. Setup is not
unlike that of DJGPP - just set the PATH to also point to your LCC\BIN
directory. BTW, rename LCC's make.exe because DJGPP and LCC make will

Hope this helps
No emails, the address is fake.

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