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Subject: Re: DPMI-Alloc with 192MB RAM - how ?
Date: 25 Jul 1999 10:45:43 GMT
Organization: University of Lulea, Sweden
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Charles Sandmann (sandmann AT clio DOT rice DOT edu) wrote:
: In r5 the maximum will be 2Gb which would consume an extra 64Kb.  Dos memory is
: a precious resource which is needed for DMA buffers, nested images, and 
: pagetables.  The number of users which needed more than 128Mb of virtual 

Are you saying this extra 64KB (or 4KB) is needed for every nested

: memory (in 1995 it would take about 2 minutes just to read that from disk
: and another 2 minutes to write it...) is very, very small.  I'm open to what
: the default should be, but I figured 128Mb virtual was enough.  If you need
: to run something that big you probably ought to buy more real memory :-)

Yeah, max. 2GB is cool! Will there be any limitations on how much of
those 2GB needs to be physically present?

Kokkonen, Sinfonia da camera,


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