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On Sat, 24 Jul 1999, Ian Miller wrote:

> Now even Tetris works :-)

Yup, I went through the lisp/play directory one crazy morning and made
all of the games work in the DJGPP version.

Did you try handwrite.el yet?  (You will need a PostScript printer to
enjoy the results, though.)

> Nice work Eli.


Btw, did you install Leim?  If you did (and you should, if you want to
read and write non-ASCII files, which the DJGPP version now supports),
I'd be interested to know how well does this work for you.

This goes for everybody else who needs to edit files with non-ASCII 

Of course, if you have any other annoyances to report, please do.

One cute side-effect of the Mule support is that you can now read and
write non-ASCII files created by Windows software, even though the
character set encodings in DOS and Windows codepages are different.
See the section "MS-DOS and MULE" in the on-line manual for more
details about codepage support.

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