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Endlisnis wrote in message <3799D7BA DOT A516F980 AT unb DOT ca>...
>toudi wrote:
>> James Stevenson napisał(a):
>> > the only thing that i can see wrong with rhide is the fact that it
>> > tries to use as much cpu power as it can get its hands on
>> > which is not the best type of program to run on a server :(
>> Are you using Windows?
>> All dos programs take all power they can.
>    That's not true.  RHIDE v1.4 did consume whatever processor was
>but not all DOS programs do that.  The MS-DOS Editor/RHIDE v1.4.7/SetEdit
>uses about 1% when not being used.  It all has to do with calling
>during the keyboard detection loop.
This is true. I got RHIDE v1.4.7 BETA and it uses about 1% when not being

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