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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 11:30:33 +0300 (IDT)
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Subject: Re: Problem with "make 3.77" on NT4
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On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, Twan Jans-Beken wrote:

> --- Console output start ---
> C:\mingw\v\appgen>make
> g++ -c -IC:\mingw\v\includew  -O2 -D_WIN32 -DDEVEL -DGNUWIN32 -o
> C:\mingw\v\obj\gnuwin32/vgcmdw.o vgcmdw.cpp
> make.exe: *** [C:\mingw\v\obj\gnuwin32/vgcmdw.o] Error -1
> --- Console output end ---
> Now, when I type-in the exact same line manually it DOES work. Again,
> see the console-output below.

This is probably because of the following problems:

 1. You are running the DJGPP version of Make on NT4, where it cannot
    access the long file names (ask Bill why not).  So Make cannot
    find g++, because `g++.exe' is an invalid DOS file name.
    Solution: use the DOS file name (probably something like g~1.exe)

 2. The command line is longer than 126 characters, and Make cannot
    pass long command lines to non-DJGPP programs.

In the long run, if you use Mingw32 a lot, you will probably be better
off if you install a native Win32 port of GNU Make (sorry, no URL).

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