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Subject: Re: WIN 32 compiler
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Dear Borje,

You can use a windows ineterface with DJGPP, but as far as I can tell it doesn't
give you color coding for the synbtax of your code or autoindent or give you
line numbers.  DFE95 can be found at

I hope that helps you out.  If you are looking to program for windows in a c++
environment without going too deep into coding, you'll probably have to belly up
to the bar and give M$ a big chunck of cash for Visual c++.  Hope that helps.

David O.

"Börje Granberg" wrote:

> Can someone tip me about a FREE WIN c/c++-compiler to make win32-programs in
> windows environment?
>                                                        ''''''''''
> I would approsiate if it is in swedish or have optional languages like
> DJGPP! but it is not nessessary.
> Please give an exaktly link to site.
> --
> /Börje

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