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Subject: Re: ECGS/GCC 2.95 -- latest compiler
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> Does anybody know if this version of the compiler and libraries will be
> ported for DJGPP and made available from the Simtel.NET sites?
I expect they will be available soon after gcc is released (as with all
other versions)
> I'm also confused about the naming. I thought the big merger between ECGS
> and GCC was meant to be called 3.0, but 2.95 seems to be the working name.
> Have I got things wrong?
Egcs developers has decided to use 2.95 and wait with 3.0 for forthcomming
C++ standard.
(And with current development speed, gcc 3.0 will contain even more changes
than 2.95 (and any older version) I expect. Some of them are already done,
such as x86 backend rewrite, that makes gcc to outperform VC in most tests)


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