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00:13:59 Re: gcc a program (Dan Gold)
00:14:02 File Menu Help...? (Dan Gold)
00:20:57 Re: Iteration vs. Recursion... (
00:25:36 Re: Terminal Programming (Jon DeMarks)
00:56:06 ftruncate (Pavlos)
05:09:48 Re: file size (Martin Str|mberg)
06:00:59 Re: **MAKING OS** (Jon DeMarks)
06:15:48 Re: Terminal Programming (Martin Str|mberg)
06:15:49 Re: Help With Drives (Martin Str|mberg)
06:15:59 Re: file size (Martin Str|mberg)
07:54:04 help (Graham Jones)
08:25:27 Help With Drives (Alex Mendes da Costa)
08:35:29 Re: Terminal Programming (Pavlos)
09:10:35 Re: Nasm and real-mode ISRs (bimodal) (Rock)
10:10:40 Terminal Programming (Jon DeMarks)
11:35:22 Re: Global file edit? (Martin Str|mberg)
11:35:22 emacs-20.4 (Ian Miller)
11:55:25 Re: Terminal Programming (Jon DeMarks)
12:25:23 Re: **MAKING OS** (Mark & Candice White)
12:55:48 Allegro: -lalleg not found (Amin Kharchi)
13:00:15 Announcing Lemur v0.3a [July 23rd, 1999] (Endlisnis)
16:00:26 Cannont find 'cpp' (BuckTheMan)
16:25:29 Re: Allegro: -lalleg not found (Martin Str|mberg)
16:25:29 Re: gcc a program (Martin Str|mberg)
16:25:29 Re: Terminal Programming (Martin Str|mberg)
17:10:34 DJGPP to Mingw32 (EGCS) FAQ or tutorial? (Steven Taylor)
17:50:30 Re: -- Random question -- (Marp)
18:00:21 Re: WIN 32 compiler (Marp)
18:22:28 Re: **MAKING OS** (Christopher Nelson)
18:30:17 Re: **MAKING OS** (Christopher Nelson)
18:53:47 Re: -- Random question -- (Andy Goth)
19:05:30 Re: Global file edit? (Dave Scott)
19:30:28 Re: Cannont find 'cpp' (Martin Str|mberg)
19:35:20 Re: hi about rhide (Endlisnis)
20:10:25 Lib problems (Greg)
21:25:31 ECGS/GCC 2.95 -- latest compiler (Steve Ball)

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