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Sascha Zapf wrote:
> > You're using RHIDE 1.4, yes? Get beta (but very stable) 1.4.7 version.
> > It can read those project files. And update Turbo Vision to 1.0.7 -
> > lots of memory leaks are fixed.
> >
> Where can i get this Update, on Simtelnet is the 1.0.6 Available..

From you can get 1.0.7 until
it is available on SimtelNet

> Ok, i have a Donkumentation, but only for "TVision 2.0 for Turbo
> Pascal...I must have a look at the Sources and the Doks.

There are some differences between Pascal and C++ versions of Turbo
Vision, Pascal version is a little bit simpler, but anyway these docs 
together with examples will help you.

Laurynas Biveinis

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