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From: "Tom Beauchamp" <tomtomb AT geocities DOT com>
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Subject: Allegro make problem
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 11:23:19 -0400
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Got this when making allegro:

allegro.h:301: previous declaration of `key_control_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:147: conflicting types for `key_altgr_table'
allegro.h:302: previous declaration of `key_altgr_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:153: conflicting types for `key_accent1_lower_table'
allegro.h:303: previous declaration of `key_accent1_lower_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:159: conflicting types for `key_accent1_upper_table'
allegro.h:304: previous declaration of `key_accent1_upper_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:165: conflicting types for
allegro.h:305: previous declaration of `key_accent1_shift_lower_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:171: conflicting types for
allegro.h:306: previous declaration of `key_accent1_shift_upper_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:177: conflicting types for `key_accent2_lower_table'
allegro.h:307: previous declaration of `key_accent2_lower_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:183: conflicting types for `key_accent2_upper_table'
allegro.h:308: previous declaration of `key_accent2_upper_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:189: conflicting types for
allegro.h:309: previous declaration of `key_accent2_shift_lower_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:195: conflicting types for
allegro.h:310: previous declaration of `key_accent2_shift_upper_table'
src/djgpp/keyboard.c: In function `install_keyboard':
src/djgpp/keyboard.c:909: warning: passing arg 2 of `dz_atkill' from
e pointer type
make.exe: *** [obj/djgpp/keyboard.o] Error 1


Tom Beauchamp

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