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Subject: low memory allocation
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I have some source code from a SoundBlaster library called SMIX, which
is for Watcom DOS4GW.  I am attempting to port the code to DJGPP but
have come to a rather wierd situation.  In one of the functions: 
init_mixing, it calls a  function called low_malloc (which is prototyped
in a header file called lowmalloc.h) which allocates the mixing buffer
depending on the style of the SoundBlaster (8bit or 16bit).  I don't
understand why this memory block has to be in a convensional(?) space
rather than the upper blocks?  Is it part of the SoundBlaster specs??  

If it has to be in the conventional space, then I have found the
function:  __dpmi_allocate_dos_memory (is this what I'm looking for) and
how do I get the pointer to the memory, cause all it returns is the
segment and a pointer to a selector, which I have no clue what to do

Oh well I hope you guys understood that message and thx in advance for
any help you may provide!

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