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Subject: Trouble with using man.exe
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The man.exe doesn't work on my computer!
I already installed the less and less works well.
My OS is Windows98(Japanese version). Under DOS prompt,
I ran `man less', the computer gave a beep and the cursor
jumped several lines but displayed nothing and hang-up and
I ran `man gcc' tne following message was given
`Reformatting page. Wait ...c:/djgpp/bin/man.exe:
c:/djgpp/bin/less.exeorgroff.exe -man -Tascii: No such file or

And under DOS mode, the result was same.
I also tried to run man.exe using the editor EMACS for Windows,
I ran it by M-x man RET gcc RET, the emacs say, at the minibuffer,
error in process sentinel: *man gcc*: process exited abnormally with code 2,
and at the window it is writed that
c:/djgpp/bin/sh: unexpected EOF while looking for `''
c:/djgpp/bin/sh: -c: line 2: syntax error

process exited abnormally with code 2.

And I ran man.exe at the shell mode on emacs,
only `man less' showed me the less manual, while the
`man gcc' gave the message
man gcc^M
c:/djgpp/bin/man.exe: c:/djgpp/bin/less.exeorgroff.exe -man -Tascii: No such
file or directory(ENOENT)

How could I use man.exe

W.-X. Shi

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