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Subject: Re: RHIDE or Windows problem?
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Clemens Valens wrote:

> I installed DJGPP and RHIDE on a new Win95 machine (I
> already had a good working system (Win98 based), I used the
> same files) and had a problem:
> RHIDE hangs the machine in DOS mode after quiting.
> Back in Win95 I noticed that now whenever I open a DOS box
> it is called "RHIDE version 1.4" instead of "MS-DOS
> Prompt", even when I haven't launched anything.
> Any suggestions?

Yes: select the MS-DOS icon, press Alt+Enter (I guess that's the combination,
but don't have Windows here) and edit the properties of the short cut, one is
the window title. RHIDE usually does it when you interrupt it or just crashes.


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