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> Can't you just go and download it from ?
> Sean

I did that about 2 months ago. Do you have any idea how long it takes? My
33.6 was dying after 24 hours of off and on downloading using getright. Of
course, now you know what you need to download, but not taking any chances
and not knowing what's what, 400 mb of RPMS are still sitting on my hard
drive until I feel like putting them on a bootable CD-RW (ReWritible CD).
Why would you need to re-install it? Linux is very stable, compared to
Windows98 which is playing a midi right now and the timing is breaking up.

Of course, this could be another arguement to add ELF support to DJGPP.
*snicker*. That is the main format Redhat uses today. We don't need a stub
to load it, just support to output the binary. :)

No emails, the address is fake

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