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Subject: Re: can't compile c++ "hello world"
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Csid6 wrote in message <19990719224607 DOT 00487 DOT 00000442 AT ng-cd1 DOT news DOT cs DOT com>...
>Turns out the problem was
>SPECS in the rsx dir was being used. I had
>to rename it to SPECS.RSX so that
>the usual djgpp SPECS file was used.
>After doing that, however, of course
>the rsx codes wouldn't compile.
>Is there a default, if RSXNTDJ is
>defined in djgpp.env, then the rsx
>lib is searched for SPECS? What's
>the best way to be able to compile
>either dos or rsx code (I assume it is *not * using my kluge of renaming
>the rsx specs file)

Please download the new RSXNTDJ (I assume you haven't, because the issue of spec files
becomes irrelevant with it, and you shouldn't be receiving those errors)

Johan Venter
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