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Subject: Re: TVision 104s
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Sascha Zapf wrote:
> Hi,
> i have one Question about the Exampleprogs in the Archive
> My own Progs work fine, only the *.gpr Files in the Exampletree (
> tutor1.gpr, tprogb.gpr etc. ) doesn't work.
> Rhide says "Invalid Projektfile".

You're using RHIDE 1.4, yes? Get beta (but very stable) 1.4.7 version.
It can read those project files. And update Turbo Vision to 1.0.7 -
lots of memory leaks are fixed.

> Is there a good Dokumentation for the TVision LIB or is the Orginal
> Borland Helpfile shareware too ?

Well, there are printed Borland's manuals, if you're lucky to own copy
of them. But help files are not  included in original TVision
from Borland's FTP site. So you have to use documentation available to
programmer - source...

Laurynas Biveinis

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