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Subject: Re: Configure script fails on 'mv' command, please, help
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On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Pollak Leon wrote:

>         C:/DJGPP/BIN/mv: cannot move `./Makefile.tem2' to `./Makefile.tem':
> Permission denied (EACCES)

On what operating system was that?  If this was on DOS or Windows 3.X,
then Makefile.tem2 and Makefile.tem are mapped to the same file name
after truncation to DOS 8+3 limits, so mv rightfully refuses to do

If it was on Windows 9X, then you will have to post more information
about what's going on near the place in the script where this problem

>         I don't know how DJGPP treats all this permisiion stuff

EACCES means that the OS won't let you do the operation, like if you
are trying to delete a directory which isn't empty or rename a file
that is open.

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