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Subject: Re: initialization file for gnuplot 3.7
Date: 19 Jul 1999 20:20:04 GMT
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Jeff Williams (jeffw AT darwin DOT sfbr DOT org) wrote:
: I am using the djgpp port of gnuplot 3.7 with djgpp 2.02, bash 1.14.7,
: on top of MS-DOS 5.0.  It is working just fine.
: I'd like to have ~/_gnuplot be the initialization file, in keeping with
: many other djgpp ports.  Can this be done without recompiling gnuplot?
: AFAICT the initialization file (under MS-DOS) *must* be called GNUPLOT.INI
: (which of course could load _gnuplot, but then what would be the point?).
: From the gnuplot 3.7 docs (excerpt below) it seems as if the `gnuplot'
: environment variable only specifies a path to GNUPLOT.INI, and does
: not permit specification of the init filename itself.
: Comments or suggestions appreciated,
: TIA,
: jtw
: ---excerpt from gnuplot 3.7 docs---
: ``When gnuplot is run, it looks for an initialization file to load. This
: file is called .gnuplot on Unix and AmigaOS systems, and GNUPLOT.INI on
: other systems. If this file is not found in the current directory, the
: program will look for it in the home directory (under AmigaOS,
: Atari(single)TOS, MS-DOS and OS/2, the environment variable gnuplot
: should contain the name of this directory). Note: if NOCWDRC is defined
: during the installation, gnuplot will not read from the current
: directory.''

Yes. It seems as if you need to recompile.

If you're feeling adventurous, you could try patching the binary and
change the right string in gnuplot itself. But that's a very shaky



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