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On Sun, 18 Jul 1999, Richard Dawe wrote:

> Commands:
>     l main
> This returned something like 'no line information for main'.

Bizarre, indeed...

> BTW this only seems to have happened since I upgraded to gcc 2.8.1.

Well, I never upgraded to 2.8.1, since it has so many bugs.  This
might explain why I never saw anything like what you describe.  So I
cannot even try compiling the program you posted.

Here's what I suggest to do:

Modify your program so that it pauses at some point, e.g. by calling
`getch', and when it does, interrupt it with Ctrl-BREAK.  Then run
SYMIFY and see if it reports source line numbers.  If it does, then
the problem is in GDB, and perhaps the latest version of GDB solves
that.  I can let let you download the latest binary of GDB 4.18 that
I'm using, to see whether it does any better; or I can try it myself
if you tell me where can I download the binary of your terst program.

> So my solution is to use one of -gstabs, -gstabs+, -ggdb. -gstabs doesn't
> use any gdb extensions, so I'll use that.

I understand that stabs solved the problem.

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