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You need to add the lines:


to the Djgpp.env file.


This is mentioned in the FAQ by the way.

Sascha Zapf <nc-zapfsa AT netcologne DOT de> wrote in message
news:378FA61C DOT BA58A426 AT netcologne DOT de...
> Hello,
> i have updated my DJGPP C++ System with the new Component 2.8.1 and so
> on.
> I'm using the RHIDE.
> When i want to Link a Prog the Linker return with this Errormessy..
> "f:/djgpp/bin/ld.exe cannot open -lstdcx - No such file oder directory (
> NOENT )"
> My old System 2.7.1 .... works fine...Where is the Error..
> Sascha

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