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First change:
if (Value == -1)

if (Value)

There's no guarantee that install_sound returns -1 on error, but it will
return a non-zero value on failure.

Ok now here's your problem. When you call play_sample(), it returns as soon
as it starts playing, not when its finished. If it did, how would it return
if you tell it to continuously loop? Since you call destroy_sample()
immediately after, you don't hear anything. You should have it wait for
something like a keypress. Try inserting getch() in-between these two
functions like this:

getch(); // Wait for any keypress.

Wei-shi Tsai <perdita AT dallas DOT crosswinds DOT net> wrote in message
news:379005BA DOT 151A7A89 AT dallas DOT crosswinds DOT net...
> This is driving me up the wall.  I am trying to figure out the digital
> audio functions by writing a sample program (I'm going use this to
> create a video player).
> However, no sound is generated.  What is wrong?
> The code is attached to this message.  Yes, the file exists.
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> Wei-shi Tsai
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