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From: "Christopher Nelson" <paradox AT gye DOT satnet DOT net>
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Subject: Re: DJGPP 3D Acceleration?
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 13:52:27 -0600
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><microwerx AT hotmail DOT com> wrote in message
news:7lornn$60j$1 AT nnrp1 DOT deja DOT com...
>> Hi, I'm Microwerx.
>> I'm just writing to see if anyone knows if there is 3D acceleration
>> support for DJGPP, like Glide, or something.
>> Also if you know about libs or work being done for the following 3D
>> cards?
>> I'm going to start to write a 3D engine with DJGPP and I'd like to have
>> hardware acceleration.
>Hi all!
>I know that DirectX probably supports accelleration on the cards Microwerx
>mentioned - I have long since wondered about that - can somebody tell me
>exactly HOW do they do it? I am interested in 3D accelleration in protected
>mode DOS programming too, but as far as I can ascertain manufacturers only
>support DirectX drivers for their cards - Windoze...
>So how does it work? Do they do outports() or such like to certain ports on
>the card? Memory DMA blocks like with sound programming? Or what?
>Fanx - please reply in the group I would like to get lots of opions.

    download crystal space at they have Glide and
OpenGl support, supposedly that all works on both Linux and Win32, and
possibly even DOS, but i'm not sure.  in any case, you should be able to get
lots of good info from their stuff.


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