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Subject: Re: How to change Executable format to my own?
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>Hi,Well, I'm wondering whether anyone will be able to help me. I am wanting
>to get DJGPP C to produce executables in my own format.The plan is to
>convert the output from DJGPP, into a flat memory executable that will have
>two segments, one for the program and the second for the data. These
>will have an address starting at zero. The executable will then have a
>attached and other information.Anyway, I hope that someone can helpYours

    probably the very easiest way is to download the link editor from John
S. Fine's site (i can't remember the address, but if you search for NASM,
you'll probably find his site come up since he wrote in a couple of
modifications to it.)  it has a VERY simple-to-learn script format and does
most everything you could want.

    the more flexible, and probably better for your ends, would be to write
you're own convertor for COFF files.  it would have to accept standard
relocatable COFF object files, and then link them together how you want.
it's not difficult, and there's source covering how to load COFF files on
the DJGPP site.


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